Delta Pigmentos

Delta Pigmentos S.A

Reliable company with more than 20 years in the Mexican market specialized in the design, color matching, production and distribution of color concentrates and additives. Today in the face of the growing plastics industry, the result of our products and the trust of our customers have allowed us to position our company in a very important place within the supply chain of color concentrates. We have the commercial alliance and technical support of X-rite Pantone, the global leader in color management and measurement.


Our values

Delta Pigmentos S.A de C.V. adopt the commitment to teamwork with empathy, integrity and honesty, strengthening respect between the organization, clients and suppliers.

Our service

We have qualified personnel as part of our technical support to meet the requirements and needs of customers always with the aim of solving making our priority of color; Fulfilling your expectations of quality, price and expected service. Total customer satisfaction our best recommendation.


Our vision

Position the company as a reliable supplier of color concentrates and additives nationwide. Establishing commercial alliances that allow us to meet our objectives.

Our mission

Provide competitive products and services in quality, cost and time to the transformers of the plastics industry, through continuous improvement in our processes.

Our Quality

We assume the commitment with our clients and suppliers for a continuous improvement of our processes. Strengthening our long-term business relationship in this growing plastic industry.

Our Quality Control, Design and Development laboratory has the necessary equipment for the inspection of the product in process, as well as raw materials with high quality standards to guarantee optimal results of our products. With the norms or regulations FDA, ASTM, UL, CE, NOM, etc. All our products are manufactured and certified procedures in accordance with ISO 9001-2015

Our Quality Policy

Delta Pigmentos S.A de C.V. We are committed to providing service and solutions in the development of color concentrates complying with the applicable requirements, promoting;

  • Reliable supplier relationships
  • The comprehensive training of all our collaborators
  • The delivery of our products just in time.
  • The continuous improvement of our process of the Quality Management system
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